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Holistic Nutrition


I'm a registered Holistic Nutritionist/Natural Nutrition-Clinical Practitioner, working with clients across Windsor/Essex and beyond. What drives me, is helping people live their best lives - mind, body and soul. Through holistic therapy I will work with your individual needs, wants and goals. Looking at the person as a whole and assessing what will work for them! Along with a little bit of a kick in the pants for good measure to get you where you want to go. Keeping it fun, accountable and creating that healthy, happy you.


Whatever you're wanting to achieve with your health, I'll get you there. Through individual assessments, and a tailored wellness plan that gives you a meal plan, supplement plan and lifestyle plan to get you on the road to good health. And listen, I'm not going to make you go raw, vegan, macrobiotic or drink crazy potions...okay so I might have you drink some concoctions but it definitely isn't crazy! I also won’t ask you to give up everything you love, tell you never to cheat or to not eat past 8pm…because I do sometimes! Here no one will force you into labeling yourself because this about balance that you can manage. Be adventurous and tickly your senses with different eating genres (gluten-free, vegetarian, meatarian, etc.) and BE who YOU want to be without the judgement…or guilt.