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Our Team


We have an amazing team of both humans and horses. A unique blend to help get you fantastic Wholistic Services and learning amazing life skills to get you to live your best life and to be ready for what life has to bring. So let me introduce our all star team!

Tania Radu.jpg

Tania Radu

Holistic Nutritionist/Facilitator

Tania Radu a Registered Holistic Nutritionist has been practicing for the last 8 years, got her certification from Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. As a Holistic Nutritionist/Natural Nutrition-Clinical Practitioner, she works with clients across Windsor/Essex and beyond. What drives her is helping people live their best lives - mind, body and soul. Through holistic therapy she works with your individual needs, wants and goals. Looking at the person as a whole and assessing what will work for them! Along with a little bit of a kick in the pants for good measure to get you where you want to go. Keeping it fun, accountable and creating that healthy, happy you.

Certified in 2020  as a Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator with Equine Connection, a Canadian Training Facility who trains facilitators all over the world with many years of teaching and facilitating themselves. Tania grew up with horses her entire life, working with them daily was what she loved. So when looking at expanding her knowledge for health, wellness and empowerment business, this made beyond sense. Working with people to help them gain the very important life skills to live their best lives and achieve all that want to be and can be! Her passion of empowering youth was another key element, kids aren't just kids anymore, they are growing up quick, dealing with society elements they shouldn't have to. These life skills is an integral piece to helping them prepare for today and what is ahead tomorrow.

Tania is also the Founder of BE YOU Wellness & Empowerment Ranch and will continue to inspire, empower and give the tools needed to BE YOU!


Janis Radu

Reiki Master

Janis is a Certified Master Reiki for the past 5 years, her passion and drive to help people thrive and feel their best is something she strives for. She has helped countless people who have come to her for pain management, anxiety, trauma, overall wanting more balance and more.  During the treatments, people find that true sense of relaxation, fallen asleep even. They have been able to release emotions that they haven't necessarily  been able to or just released to let it go. This is a treatment that allows your body to flow the energy where it needs to go to move what is blocked.

In a world of chaos Janis' hope is to help you achieve the healing you need to also live your best life.




Spirit has been part of the family for 20 years, we got him at 10 months, rescued from the auction. He was skin and bones but I loved him from the moment we met. His name originally Pocket Change because the women who got him from the auction paid very little. Once I met him I knew he had the most beautiful spirit, despite his sad start to life. He was now in a home who loved him and provide a safe home (a horse's number one thing is to feel safe). He grew to this large, beautiful, gentle horse. He loves people, especially kids, you can literally feel his kind heart and will fall in love just as I have. Oh and he is incredible smart, he unlocks gates, so we have to be crafty on what we use to keep him where he is supposed to be.





Max is a retired barrel racer and did pretty darn good until an injury which led him to retirement. He is a teenager and is just full of personality. He loves attention, I mean he wants to be the centre of it, because he feels he is the only one that should! If you do ignore him, well he starts a bobbing like he is dancing to get your attention. He would be like our quarter back of the group, Prom King, our Drake of the group.




Pete is a retired lesson horse, he is one of our super chill teachers but still has spunk when he needs to. He is a bit of a push over and would rather be a team player then a leader. To us humans he can be a bit stubborn too but a solid guy. He is that quiet lovable grandpa.

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