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About Be You Wellness & Empowerment Ranch

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Life Skills

This isn't your typical Ranch, this is a place to come to empower yourself and your family to live their best lives. Learning the skills to a healthier, happier, empowered future, through self discovery, knowledge and life skills. Living your best life is being prepared for all that life throws your way and having the tools to conquer them. That is what we do, that is who we are. This is where the horses are the Teachers!

Be You Wellness & Empowerment Ranch located in Kingsville, Ontario offers a variety of services with a special focus on kids and teens. We have a Holistic Nutritionist for all your health and wellness needs. We also run Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) which teaches Life Skill Development like Leadership, Communication, Teamwork and so much more and the teacher is the HORSE! Helping your child or teen find their strength to just BE YOU. Skills they can't always get from school alone. We also have a Reiki Master that helps you guide your way to balance and healing. This is a unique place that inspires, empowers and teaches you the skills to rise to any challenge. A non judgmental space to help you thrive and strive to be your best self. A place like no other, a place that has horses as some of their teachers. This is your journey in life, we just provide power of knowledge for the right path for you.

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Reiki Treatment


Mental Health has many different elements. Feeding our minds through nutrition, mindfulness, learning self confidence, overcoming fears. Learning the skills to connect to others and learning the skills to be your authentic self and BE YOU!


Being strong inside and out through proper nutrition and the right kind of exercise to meet your wellness needs. We all need different things to keep us well and strong, so you can BE YOU!


Finding that balance between stress and taking care of others to taking care of you. Being present and living with intention to bring you to your best life, your authentic you. To simply have the strength to BE YOU!

"When Mind, Body and Spirit are in harmony, happiness is a natural result."

Deepak Chopra

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