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Can Horses Help our Kids?

The value of horses as teachers  as a  tool to learn new skills have been proven time and time again in the teaching of young people.

Engage & Empower



By emphasizing self-responsibility and accountability, our interactive Engage & Empower programs provide young people at risk of disengagement with the opportunity to develop self-reliance, self-confidence, and self-esteem. Early intervention provides the best opportunity for young people to be well prepared for lifelong, continued learning.

Horses understand how to differentiate between potentially threatening behaviour and a calm and assertive nature. They role model the positive impact of clear and effective leadership, acceptance, kindness and compassion.

This program is also designed to enable the ability to deal with bullying issues as well in a safe and positive manner.

We don’t just wing it; through the Fundamental Principals and Form of Delivery we can guarantee an outcome. The learned skills don’t just stay in the arena. All objectives are paralleled back to everyday life and help clients to gain the skills and the self-esteem necessary to reintegrate back into the lives they were truly meant for.



Our Teachers Deliver Results! ​

Our teachers deliver irrefutable results: 


1. Physical Wellbeing:

  • Physical Status: The youth feels better about themselves physical after engaging in Equine Assisted Learning, leading to  participating in other physical activities - with an end result of improved physical health. 

  • Safe Physical Touch: Participants learn the importance of physical touch with their horse. This leads to better understanding of safe or healthy touch (especially while grooming). 


2. Mental Wellbeing: Includes improved;

  • Moods, feelings, and emotions, 

  • Cognition, intellect, Perceptions and thoughts, 

  • Judgement and identity through perceptions of self. 

  • Out of the mouths of youth: “I thought that if I could do that [horse program], I could do anything.”


3. Social Wellbeing: 

  • Focusing on interpersonal dynamics of the individual's relationships or associations with family, friends, the community, and the universe! 

  • All programs are designed to enhance effective communication through better understanding of space, body language, and dialogue. 

  • Increased awareness of self, of others, and of their own learning creates a positive change in behaviour - through the use of the horse's boundaries (which are very distinct and defined, which means feedback for crossing those boundaries is immediate and authentic). 

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