Upcoming Events

Image by Kayla Farmer

Anti-Bullying Program

 Starts Saturday, November 6th

Up Coming Events

Pony Play Hour - Saturday October 23 , 9:30 to 10:30 am

This is for the little ones 8 and under. A fun hour that they can come and be exposed to the ponies and horses while learning super basic pony skills and facts. We will be brushing them and possibly lead around depending on age with the help of your facilitator. Plus they can do a fun craft or just take their craft home if they would like to spend more time with the horses. Spots are limited so please per-register. 

Anti-Bullying 8 week Program starts - Saturday November 6 , 11 to 12:15 am


The best way to help children not become victims of bullies is by teaching them bully-proofing skills. Victims of bullies usually exhibit poor communication skills and tend to be left out of activities, leaving them isolated. Our equine assisted learning programs have proven to be ideal for any child who exhibits anti-social communication skills as they are provided with training in socialization skills which improves not only communication skills but also, emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual wellness, self-esteem, encourages sensory stimulation, and ultimately, integration.





Our equine programs have proven to be ideal for a child who exhibits anti-social communication skills as they provide training in social skills which improves communication skills, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellness, self-esteem, and encourages sensory stimulation and ultimately, integration.



Our equine programs are ideal for a child who exhibits aggressive behaviour by promoting positive leadership skills, empathy, kindness, choice-making skills, and encouraging responsibility, creativity, and laughter. The youth that teachers, counselors and the principal feel display behavioural issues, or who are withdrawn, will benefit most from the program.